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The 101st Indianapolis 500 will be the sixth round of the 2017 Verizon” IndyCar Series season” and the 22nd sanctioned aspart of the Indy Racing League/IndyCar Series. There have been five different winners in the first five races leading up to the Indianapolis 500. The season began March 12 at St. Petersburg, with Sébastien Bourdais a surprise winner. Indy 500

Indy 500

indy 500

What: 2017 Indianapolis 500
Where: Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Date; Sunday, May 28, 2017
Time: 12:19 p.m. Eastern

The McLaren Formula 1 driver is missing the Monaco Grand Prix to race in the US and has qualified fifth on the grid. You

cannot plan in advance. You need to keep improvising. I know I will lack experience in critical moments.
I want to live the moment, I want to live the experience, said the two-time F1 world champion.
The Olympic Games and Super Bowl cannot put 400,000 people in one place on one Sunday.

You respect the place, respect the speed. It’s never enough. Indy 500 Live, Stream, The 101st Indianapolis 500 will be the

sixth round of the Verizon 2017 IndyCar Series, 2017 Indianapolis 500, Live, “Time” Schdule

Alonso said he felt his biggest handicap in the race would be his lack of experience of running in groups of cars at

speeds of 230mph.

the event has been influencing motor racing and the car industry for over 100 years. ESPN takes a look at the iconic oval race’s best — and most

important — innovations.

With no experience, for me you’re not sure sometimes where you are with that line if you are over the limits of the car or

over the limits of running with the traffic. Just guessing what the car will do, what you are doing.

I will try to compensate with the speed, with motivation and we will see what happens.

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